The Breakthrough Treatment
Center vision

To provide individuals battling the most difficult to treat cancers access to the most promising medical breakthroughs, novel therapies, and clinical trials from around the world.


How global collaboration and your support can forever change the life of a loved one, our community and the world

Breakthroughs in Early Detection

Finding cancer early is our best hope of curing the disease. The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center is working on strategies that will make it a global leader in this category.

Novel Therapies and Treatment Options

The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center will be a focal point where the most promising new therapies and clinical trials give new hope to patients with the most difficult to treat cancers.

Proton Beam Therapy

Ground-breaking proton beam therapy will serve as a powerful axis of our cancer program providing life-saving treatment for the most hard-to-reach tumors

Breakthroughs in Monitoring

Breakthroughs in surveillance and monitoring recurrence can be crucial in improving outcomes and patient survival

Developing Next-generation Talent

Developing the next generation of researchers is vital for advancing scientific knowledge, fostering innovation, and addressing the complex challenges of our rapidly evolving world

Together we are bringing transformational collaboration in the global fight against cancer home to our community.


The world is working together with an ambitious mission to end cancer and every year thousands of incredible new advances are discovered. The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center works to connect patients to the very best of these discoveries close to home and contribute its own groundbreaking advances for the greater good.



Josh’s Story

“ When you have to leave home for treatment – and you need someone with you, helping you – how do you manage that? Leaving home for treatment is a disruption of life for you and everyone in your orbit. We’re so excited about this center and we want it to be the best it can be. Proton beam therapy was trulylife-saving for me. I want to do what is in my power to help others receive it as well. Without it, I may have lost my voice, my livelihood and lived with long-term health conditions. Since the end of my cancer treatments, I have traveled internationally and helped grow our family business. I would not be able to do what I’ve done over the past two years without the quality of proton therapy treatments I received.”
– Josh Swank, cancer survivor

When time with loved ones is priceless, we bring new breakthrough treatment options closer to home

Breakthrough care is more than just science. It is about the quality of precious time we have with our loved ones. In the most difficult moments of life, patients will have access to breakthrough treatment options close to home, family and community.

The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center brings patient access to some of the most promising hard-to-access clinical trials, medical advances and research from around the world home to Peoria. These trials represent some of the most promising areas in medicine, including: cutting-edge early detection, immunotherapies, cell and gene therapies, and proton therapy.

Your gift can help forever change the lives of cancer patients in our community and around the world